Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Graphic designers & Style

We are soon approaching the end of my fall semester and with that i have finally accomplished pretty much all the styling of my graduate thesis, with that in mind i wanted to make a quick post about graphic designers and their personal style.

When i started graphic design back in Maracaibo, i was very amazed by the portfolios and reels that our first teachers showed us, always thought "oh man i want to be like this, or like that" but in reality as you spend more time creating your design just as any type of artist you start shaping your personal style in your design.

Having your personal style is a good thing, is the way you'll plan your ideas and the outcome of these, however it doesn't mean you should never experiment more about other styles or try some new ideas with clients. It's like fashion, you can tell what's your fashion style when you look at your wardrobe, with graphic design happen when you look at your body of work in your portfolio, this applies to illustrators, photographers, painters, etc.

In my case i'm a very clean designer, i always loved pop art ideas on design but never actually managed to make them happen since i did actually appreciated blank spaces of either color or just white, so yes, go ahead and try styles until you find one that suits you :)

Besides that i wanted to show you my graduate thesis proposal logo which in this case will be the front and back covers of my application book, oh yeah thats my thesis: an application for donating food, i'll post soon the motions i made for it too.

Front cover

Back cover

I hope you enjoyed the post, feel free to leave any comments or questions.
I hope you guys are preparing great for the upcoming holidays.



  1. *_* I can still remember some of your first works... I can't believe you've grown this much... It's amazing. Congratulations on all of your projects.
    I hope you still love me when you're rich and famous :)

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