Monday, November 12, 2012

Moodboards & the Thesis Change

So as the thesis keeps going forward, modifications happen.
Currently the idea went from: Fridge app, to healthy lifestyle to the final idea which ends in: donating food instead of wasting it.

I can't explain much of how is happening due to -privacy policies while developing it- = somebody stealing the idea D: but i wanted to just show you a mood board a write about those.

So moodboards are good for the design process, when i went to my undergrad i don't remember being told to make moodboards, but they are useful for so much, is like mind mapping but for design. Also you can apply it for house projects, personal projects, etc.

So i'm gonna show you the moodboard i made for my thesis so far. 
Moodboards tend to include:
  • Color palettes
  • Typography
  • In my case: websites or apps that might be similar or inspiration for it
  • Design Layouts
  • Photography
For finding or creating color palettes, you can check Colour Lovers and for the rest, check the web and do your research for your own projects around google and enjoy. Moodboards are fun and easy to do, and as i already said super helpful. 

Also while i don't want you to read tons of info, you can check this TED video so you can understand why the food waste is such a problem in the USA

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