Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Beginning

So, this is for now the blog area of my website www.mgainza.com
If you stumbled upon "yeaaaaay" and welcome, for now i'm still building my webpage and learning other web tools in order to be able to manage the whole website in two languages.

Spanish: my native language and English: the language of the country i'm currently living in.

So welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting, i hope you enjoy the website as much as i enjoy creating it.

Btw, i'm Mary and feel free to ask anything or comment and let me know how would you improve the website or blog.

This photography was one of the first pictures i created for my photography class back in 2008, it was based on a short story i wrote for it and it consisted of 6 images that described the story.

Model: Valery

Direction: M. Gainza
Assistance: Jhoel Tiniaco, Adriana Gonzales.

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